Congratulation to the LocJam 4 winners!


LocJam 4 has been a great edition, with 400+ participants… And the results are out!

Congratulations to all winners and especially to the French winners :

Kim Badin – Amateur category

Amaury Doaré – Pro category

A huge thank you to the IGDA Foundation for the financial support, to Clyde Mandelin for the amazing Legend of Localization books, to Anthony Teixeira, Ema Kodaka and the LocSIG steering committee for the help and support, to Shintaro Ito -author of Ikinari Maou- and Mk Shikemoku -author of Tyreno Builder- for letting us and helping us use their game and -finally- to Mamiko Ito and Ian Milton-Polley, writer and reviewer of our text for the contest

Don’t miss out the other initiatives of the group (starting from the Round Table in Cologne) and hear you soon


 LocJam is the non-profit videogame translation contest by the IGDA Localization special Interest Group & the Japanese Chapter of the IGDA