In addition to its flawless soundtrack, let us also mention the fantastic work done here by La Marque Rose, who once again deliver a French dubbed version that approaches perfection. Every voice is right for its character, every actor hits the right tone, and the overall result makes a huge contribution to the final product.

news 1 the order

An unusually bold cinematic gamble for the video game industry, The Order: 1886 takes risks and shatters preconceptions. Its story unfolds in a dark universe, placing its charismatic characters at the heart of a complex and captivating plot.

We are very proud to have localized this ambitious project. Bringing these characters to life in French was a constant challenge, as we strove to integrate them perfectly into the exquisite universe created by developers Ready at Dawn. Our work was well-received by critics.

Thanks to its graphics, an immaculate French voice dub […], rich dialogues and constant interactions among the characters, this game presents a full-fledged storyline that’s well thought out, well put together, and designed around a truly captivating narrative.

Its cinematic feel is accentuated by the excellent French voice work, but also by its many cutscenes and its dynamic and original camera angles, which reveal an impressively cinematic sense of mise en scène.